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How to Bring New Life into Direct Mail with Combo:Snap Pack, Email, and Texts

Make your Direct Mail Campaign come ALIVE with Direct Mail Snap Packs combined with Email Marketing and Text Marketing!



direct mail campaignsAmerican businesses have proven time and again to be incredibly resilient and capable of changing with the times. Embracing new technologies along with traditional direct mail seem to be the key…

Many businesses have had great success over the years with traditional direct mail but are looking for ways to increase the results they are getting with their campaigns. Response ratios have been slowly eroding and although still confident in the medium, marketers want to stem that slide. Today those same businesses are finding ways to increase direct mail response rates by combing direct mail with a new mixed media marketing approach. This approach with Snap Pack mailers, email marketing and text marketing shows amazing promise!

Consumers today have access to computers at home and work and are never without their cell phones. They constantly check their text and email messages throughout the day. That is the basis for a new formula for direct mail success. Like all successful campaigns, a direct mail piece, such as a “Snap Pack Mailer”, must be developed that contains a powerful, time sensitive offer. However, it also needs to include a unique additional “call to action”, such as:

“The first 100 people that text “Special Offer” to 3xxxx on their cell phone will receive an additional $100 off their purchase and be automatically registered to win a 42” plasma TV.”

The direct mail piece is then sent to the appropriate database as well as emails messages whenever available to the same list. Additionally, emails can be sent to a specific local opt in email database supplied by an email list vendor in order to increase the local market penetration.

A series of follow up text messages can also be then sent to every customer and prospect in the business’s database that has a cell phone number. These text messages must be short, concise alerts reminding recipients not to forget the direct mail offer.

What businesses who have implemented this approach have learned is that contrary to reports, direct mail is anything but dead provided you deliver your message through a mixture of media. By combing a traditional direct mail campaign with an inexpensive email and text message campaign, new life can breathed into an old medium, one that is becoming ever more costly with continual postal rate increases.

By developing the right creative and using the right technology, direct mail can still work when combined with email and mobile marketing and this new multimedia event formula can work for your business too.

DID YOU KNOW THAT SNAP PACK PRESSURE SEAL MAILERS, have the highest open ratio of any other direct mail piece. Combine that with the advise above, and you have a winning formula for success.

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Written by Becky Gould

Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailers- the Perfect Alternative to Folded Self Mailer

In this article we will discuss what a snap pack pressure seal mailer is and how that now meets the new USPS guidelines for self mailers.

Recently, revised mailing standards applicable to Folded Self Mailers (FSM) were presented in a Federal Notice of Final Rules by the Postal Service. These revised standards will become effective on January 5, 2013. Most Folded Self Mailers will need to comply and the perfect alternative to this is to use a “SNAP PACK MAILER” instead. These are pressure seal mailers that meet the new strict requirements of the USPS. The perfect alternative to a letter mailer or brochure.

The initial proposal which was first presented on April of 2011 was intended to improve the design of FSMs for compatibility with the automation process. The final revisions came as a result of a 2 year collaboration between the Postal Service and the mailing industry. A wide variety of letter-sized mailers were tested for automation compatibility and the Postal Service received 51 comments from various mailers. These comments were considered and became influential in modifying the original proposal.

Mailers’ comments range from a total abandonment of the proposed changes due to the economy, the lack of available equipment to handle the changes and the cost already incurred for previously designed and produced mail piece to concerns about the type of tabs used to seal FSMs, the thickness, the number of panels, the weight of the paper, and the size, to name a few.

The following are some important rules that will soon be applied to letter sized automated FSMs
Perforated seals will no longer be allowed to seal FSMs (Snap pack mailers are Ok because of pressure seal)
Quarter fold self-mailers must be sealed with tabs and not glue
The final fold must be on the bottom

For oblong Self Mailers, the final fold must be the leading edge

At least 2 tabs are required to seal letter-sized FSMs

There is also new language that pertains to design elements of the FSM such as attachments, loose enclosures, perforations and die-cuts. The safest alternative will be to pressure seal the mailer using a snap pack design.

The Postal Service is recommending that mailers begin to take necessary steps to make the transition, although they are not expected to comply until the announced date. Failure to meet the new requirements could result to higher postal charges. Here is a link to the United States Postal Service publication regarding the new self mailer rules.

We can assist in making certain that these new requirements are met when designing your FSM. The best alternative mail piece is the snap mailer. The snap mailer can be a letter-sized mailer just like a self-mailer but has 2-3 sealed and perforated sides. The snap mailer is opened by tearing or snapping off the perforated sides, hence the name and eliminating the use of any sealer or glue that could interfere with the Postal Service’s automation machines. Postage will remain the same on snap pack, pressure seal mailers.

We can also provide a variety of self mailers that can be customized to meet your individual direct marketing needs. if you have any questions regarding these new regulations or you would like us to double check your mail piece design before you go to press feel free to give us a call at 209-992-1113. One of our direct mail design consultants will be happy to check over your mail piece to ensure it complies with the latest United States Postal Service regulations.

Check Snap Pack Mailers with a WINDOW delivering ENORMOUS Response!


A nationwide business to business provider has fast become one of the smartest direct mailers by using a new strategy. Their direct mail program is constantly evolving, contoured by the results of each mailing. In the beginning, their direct mail program received some response, but they weren’t quite reaching their marketing goals. The  provider began a search for the best combination of messaging, data, and format for higher response rates, using multivariate testing and personalized response mechanisms to guide the way. The conclusion? CHECK SNAP PACK SHOWING A CHECK THROUGH A WINDOW!


By starting with a #10 envelope stuffed with non-personalized color brochures and overloaded information sheets, the business to business provider received just a .07% response rate. Next was a simplified standard snap pack with bold messaging on the envelope with a clear sense of urgency and a call-to-action, increasing the response to 1.5%. Respondents called a 1-800 number specific to each test and mailing list, along with a personalized ID number, helping the company to understand what metrics performed better.

After the second round of testing, the business to business provider realized that a more official document worked best for their target audience. By brainstorming and considering our print and mailing capabilities, together we created the Snap Pack mailer and ENCLOSED A CHECK! Not only that, but we added a WINDOW so that the check was visible!

Printed in black and white and with an official layout, the Snap Pack requires that receivers open perforated edges – much like a mailed check – to read the message. The letter contains a specific 1-800 number, a sense of urgency, a trackable Priority ID, and a strong call to action.


The Snap Pack with a check and window has been a winner, generating a HUGE response rate. With simplified messaging, an official appearance, and a clear call to action, this piece has brought more interest to the product offering than any other direct mail piece to date. An added bonus is the cost savings. By removing the need for a return envelope, postage, and extra marketing collateral, the Snap Pack cut their marketing costs in half.

By consistently testing and honing in on their data insights, the business to business provider has a better understanding of how to make direct mail work for them!

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