“My experience with the Snap Pack Mail team has been fantastic!   Becky McGinty is the most responsive project coordinator I have worked with in over 22 years.  She has worked hard to get our jobs streamlined and accurate.”

“Snap Pack Mail gets our jobs out on time and provide the best postage rates available.  I trust them to handle all our direct mail needs.  Thank you for all that you do!”

Gary Smith
Volunteer Mail Service, LLC

“I have been working with Snap Pack Mail and find this company to be exceptionally professional and helpful.”

“I highly recommend using Snap Pack Mail for their great customer service!”

Gary Simonian

“I have been working with Snap Pack Mail and Becky McGinty for about 4 years now. It is nice to finally have a person and company that we can rely on to handle our mail correctly.”
Lance Trester

Nationwide Marketing Solutions

“I have been using Snap Pack Mail consistently for my marketing needs and they have never let me down.  Kimi is super professional and helpful in every way possible.  I highly recommend using Snap Pack mail for your marketing needs as they continue to provide great customer service!”

Dusty Kohn
Real Estate Mitigators

“I believe Snap Pack Mail offers services that go beyond anything I have experienced with other printers or account managers!”

“My project manager, Becky McGinty, prides herself in being more than just the run of the mill account coordinator. She gives our account LOTS of attention!”

“Becky takes her job to the next level, which is why she has earned me as a lifetime client.”

“A few examples of her going over and beyond in comparison to other account execs in the industry: she offers creative ideas and brainstorms with you, she builds creatives text messages and communicates the way I need which, given I am pounding the pavement, is crucial. I honestly have followed Becky now through her career and watched her grow to the level she is at today. Congratulations Becky, you deserve it, and I am excited about what the future holds for us working together! And as you know, you are the BOMB.Com.net.org!!!”

“I am proud of you, sister. God bless!”

Barry Gabster
Driving Force Enterprise