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Hit it Out of the Park with A Direct Mail Campaign using a Letter or Snap Pack Mailer!!!

The Content of a Letter or Snap Pack Mailer Makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in getting it RIGHT!

Research has shown that 65% of the people who open your direct mail, if they are inclined to respond, will do so because of your letter or snap pack mailer campaign.
What does this say? It says you better have a letter … and it better be good … in your direct mail!
Here are the 8ight golden guide lines for writing the better direct mail letter:

1. Write it like you say it. Don’t worry about grammar. Don’t concern yourself with punctuation. And don’t word-smith every sentence. Make it human.
Now that I have said that, let’s back-up a step or two. If you tape record yourself and then transcribe it and read it, most of the time it is unreadable. Why? Because, even though I highly recommend that we write like we talk … that is not really how it happens.
What I recommend is that you use a language that is comfortable for your audience. And speak in a style and format that the audience will understand. And be likely to respond to. Most often that is writing like you speak.

2. The best direct mail is very personnel direct mail. Multiply it and mail it to everybody. Write to the person you know best, say the things to them that you know are important about your property, and then send it to everybody you feel is a prospect and a customer.
And do it again and again over and over. Because it works. Personal direct mail is the best direct mail.
On the other side, trying to be personal and missing is absolutely horrid. All of us have received direct mail where our name was misspelled. That takes away from all the personalization … and destroys the impact you are trying to make on the marketplace.
Maybe the best thing to do is not personalize your mail. What I mean by that is you don’t use information that you have to guess at … you only use information that you know is accurate.
So in place of a dear name, you do something that is interesting. Such as dear boating enthusist. Or dear business traveler. Or dear preferred customer. These things work — because they are out of the ordinary, and more interesting to your audience.

3. If your audience is octogenarians then you need to become an octogenarian. And write like one.
If your audience is business travelers, pretend you are a business traveler. It’s not to hard … you are one.
If you are trying to get a group of doctors to stay with you, then you need to write to them in a fashion that is going to appeal to a doctor. The same thing goes for plumbers. Or sky-divers. Or a woman’s organization. Or a youth group. You need to write to the audience at a level that makes them comfortable with doing business with you.

4. Never, but never talk down to your audience. Look them straight in the eye and write to them.
When you write, talk with them about benefits. Not the features that you offer … but the benefits that they gain from these features.
Also, make sure you write to them about your offer. The specials over and above the ordinary that you offer that the other guy doesn’t.
Always talk to your audience through direct mail the same way you would talk to them in their office.
5. Never, but never tell a lie. Tell funny stories. Be entertaining. Weave a scene. Make a point. Be dramatic. Share a case history. Include testimonials. But never exaggerate. Always be true.

6. Have something to say … and say it in a way that’s understandable by your audience.
This may seem silly to have to say. But, frequently I receive direct mail that doesn’t really say anything. When you beat around the bush … or the message roams or rambles, you are never quite sure what the point is. Make sure you have something very specific to say — and then present it in such a way that the audience can read it and understand it.
Some of the things you might want to do to make sure your direct mail is more readable and understandable are these:
• Indent the first line of every paragraph.
• Make sure that at least 70% of all your words are 5 letter words or less.
• Never have a paragraph of more than seven lines in any direct mail letter.
• Try to keep all your sentences short … make certain the average of all is 14 words or less.
By the combination of short words and short sentences and short paragraphs you make it easier to read. Research indicates that when sentences begin to become 15 words or longer … a certain percentage of your audience falls away. They do not get the message. The longer the sentence, the fewer people understand what it is you are really trying to do.

7. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. Make the very best possible offer to your audience that you can. Because, if the best offer you have doesn’t succeed, nothing less will even begin to work.
Making the best possible offer you can, many times will make the difference between success, or lack of success.
Again, what is a offer? An offer is over and above your features and benefits. It’s the extra. It’s the what’s in it for me philosophy and attitude. Meaning, what is the customer going to get if they do business with you. Make the very best offer you possibly can.

8. The 8ighth point is very simple. It is “Ask For The Order”. Very specifically and very exactingly, ask for the order.
Ask the people to call. To come into your property. To make a reservation. To send money. To do whatever it is you want them to do … be sure to ask for the order.
As you are doing this, one of the best places to repeat your offer and to repeat your A. F. T. O. is in the P.S. Yes, you must have a P.S. in the letter. Why? Because 4 out of every 5 people who open your direct mail will read the P.S. before they read your letter! Four out of five!
What does this mean? It means you better have a P.S. And it better be a good one. It better repeat the offer, repeat the call to action. It tells people what to do and how and when and where and why to do it. Make sure you have a good P.S. in your letter. As you A. F. T. O. — ask for the order.

Okay these are the 8 golden guide lines for the perfect direct mail letter. Use them, and you will enjoy success.


209-992-1113 or 866-935-5077

Everthing you need to know about SNAP PACK MAILERS…

by Becky G on July 25, 2011

Q: Should a snap pack mailer be fancy or simple?
► Design your piece around what is inexpensive to print & mail. Make it offical looking, not gimmicky. A fancy, complicated mail piece that costs twice as much will probably not double your response rate.
Q: How do I know that my snap pack is working?
► Test your mail. 5,000 pieces will give you a statistically measurable result. You can mail more after you know it works. Use a simple 800 tracking method or variable data key to link the caller to the campaign. You can get a 800 number tracking service for under $50 per month by searching on the internet.
Q:What is mail merge or variable data?
► Personalization Variable Data or Mail Merge is the area/s on your letter that can be personalized for every customer – name, dates, age, payments, numbers – everything can be personalized for every consumer. In hundreds of studies this has proven to increase response by up to 200%.
Q:How do I make my snap pack look more official?
► Your Snap Pak should have official logos or stamps to look more official. Use watermarks on the address side. You can use photos and examples. In hundreds of studies this has proven to increase response by up to 100%.
Q:Why does the snap pack mailer have a high open ratio?
► Snap Pack pressure seal documents should resemble important first class mail. Your letter will get opened and people will pay attention to it if it does. Snap Pack mailers should demand attention
Q:How much should it cost to get a snap pack layout designed?
► Some companies charge anywhere from complimentary with the overall cost to $50 per hour. Ask for samples before signing up with a print company.
► Your letter can feature your company’s logo, brands and competitive advantages. Using variable data you can customize your piece with different phone numbers, names, signatures, sales codes etc.
Q:How do I make sure that I get a good mail list?
► You target exactly who you want by address, credit, age, income & more. Or you can use your own list. If you purchase a list, make sure that they are NOT using recycled lists. Always ask for references when before you buy a list. Make sure they are legitimate list broker that is qualified and certified to buy direct from the major credit bureaus.
professional photography helps to build trust for your company.
Q: What else should I have in my snap pack mailer content?
► Simple, easy to read copy and strong special offers grab your readers attention. Personalized information builds credibility.
Q: What paper stock should a SNAP PACK MAILER be printed on?
► Your letter should be on # 24lb stock or similar quality paper. They will either offer you this in trifold, C fold, or single fold. There are also some variations of this. Color is an option, but often it is more official and economical to just use black and white.
Q:How long does it take to launch a snap pack campaign?
► Plan on taking 2-10 days to allow for a good art design and layout. After that your snap pack can be printed in a day or so and delivered to USPS ready to go with full CASS and NCOA certification ready. Then it takes you an average of 4-6 day delivery on standard mail, however it can take up to 15 business days as per the USPS (usually doesn’t take this long) *see www.usps,com for official rules and regulations
Q:How much does an average black and white snap pack mailer usually cost?
► Snap Pack mailers usually cost about 21-26 cents standard bulk mail delivery. The cost of the print is average anywhere from .08 cents to .20 cents depending on your specifications and overall volume. Keep in mind that “simple it better” with a snap pack mailer so don’t over think this. Keep your eye on the official design, offer, and telemarketing. This will ultimately bring in the business.

Postcard VS Letter mailers saving taxpayers millions!

Post Card to Replace Letter for Emissions Renewal; Change Will Save State $400,000 Annually (Connecticut)

Beginning Monday vehicle owners will be sent a post card rather than a letter to remind them that their emissions test is due. The post card is less expensive and is estimated to save the state $400,000 yearly in the mailing costs. Notices are sent to approximately one million people each year whose emissions test is due. Emissions testing is required every two years on all vehicles except those that are four-model years old or newer and those vehicles that are 25-years old or older. The cost for a test has remained $20 for the last 27 years since the program began in 1983. The testing process is easier for most vehicles manufactured after 1996 because they will require only a computer hook-up to test the engine’s on-board diagnostics for emissions controls. Older vehicles and some others still require the traditional tailpipe test that measures the emissions gasses. The post card mailing and $20 test fee are part of a new contract signed recently between DMV and Applus Technologies, Inc. Applus’ testing network is comprised of 225 garages and auto dealerships statewide. Customers can find the most updated test station list at ctemissions.com, which also allows a vehicle owner to determine their renewal date by entering a vehicle identification number. Motorists who fail to comply with the state’s emissions testing law will be denied the opportunity to re-register their vehicle and also face late fees. Read the DMV press release.

Snap Pack Mailer VS Traditional Envelope and Mailer

Snap Pack Mailer VS Traditional Envelope & Letter

www.snappackmail.com Article by Becky Gould

In this article we will compare a snap pack mailer vs a traditional envelope and letter mailer. The new trend in mailers is called a “SNAP PACK”. A Snap Pack is a single sheet of paper folded into an all inclusive envelope. Snap Paks come with perforated edges and sometimes a dab of glue. Simply tear off the ends of your official Snap mailer and your time sensitive letter awaits you!  Magic? No, this is for real AND the snap pack mailer is less expensive then a traditional envelope and letter style of mailer.

Traditional mailers are on their way out. Simply put, the traditional mailers are not economical, do not demand attention of the end user, and they are outdated and cumbersome. Snap packs cost less, have a great open ration, are easy to mail, and are the wave of the future!

We are in a “fast paced world” with social media everywhere.  People and customers want instant response and only want to open or look at mail that is on their agenda. What little mail is going out needs to be accessible and demanding so it gets opened. With the snap pack, it looks official, is not overdone, and so the response to it is identical to what society is wanting: a simple and clean letter or advertisement with factual data inside!

Also, why would anyone want to spend 1/3 MORE money on a traditional envelope and mail piece just to get ½ LESS response? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?  The traditional letter works for a few industries that have more then one or two pages of a newsletter or bill. That’s it …period. The “snap pack” is on its way to a new level and is the very best in capturing the eye of the reader!

Whether you call then snap “packs” or snap “paks” or snap “pacs,” this little direct mail  print piece has worked wonders for businesses of all kinds! With a open ratio of 95.4% we think that it “just doesn’t get any better”! It is the wave of the future generation of mail. We think you will like it!

This photo shows a fairly typical snap pack direct mail sample: outer envelope that opens with one or more perforated strips with letter, check, rebate, or coupon inside.  It’s really just a direct mail package that looks extremely important and official.

While researching websites on Google and Yahoo for “Snap Pack Mailers, I chatted with Rebecca Gould about the snap pack format. I thought it was so interesting that I decided to do a formal interview and share her thoughts with you

By way of introduction, Rebecca Gould is the owner of Media Print Solutions the founder of Snap Pack Mail, which is a direct mail marketing company out of California. Rebecca and her staff share over 34 years of experience in marketing, mainly focused on direct mail and shared mail services.  This is what she had to say about the snap pack pressure seal mailer vs traditional mailers with a letter and envelope.

When did snap packs first come about?

To my knowledge, the Snap Pack was first tested by an automotive group out Manteca, Ca in 1971. It was so successful that the whole Dodge division started using it to create momentum and sales with using cash rebates as the offer when buying a new or used vehicle. The idea took off from there and never looked back! Then later, the IRS used these to produce official documents and then eventually used them for the Uncle Sam refund checks!

What makes the snap pack stand out vs traditional envelope/ letter mailers?

Snap Pacs look like an official announcement by the government, rebate check, or something “REALLY IMPORTANT”. They just stand out in some way that traditional mailers do not. They are very simple, clean, and appear to be official/ important.

Are there certain types of offers well-suited to snap packs? Any that don’t work well?

Products that require high quality packaging and have several pages of text or graphics are not suited for snap pack mailers in my opinion. The whole concept is to make the snap pack mailer simple, official, and to the point.

How economical are snap packs compared to other formats?

 Compared to traditional envelope and letter mailers, snap packs cost approximately 1/3 less for print. Plus, postage is less expensive. The savings is enormous! Like anything else, the more volume the more savings.

Q: What is the goal of your company with snap pack mailers?

Our goal as a company is to drive educate businesses and government entities across the nation as to the savings that can be made by making one simple change in a mail strategy. We are proud to work with entities like the Conneticut DMV, saving them over $400,000  annually by making one simple change in their mailer. We would like to see other states analyze their mailers, downsize them to a snap pack, and save taxpayers across the nation billions each year. It would be great to be part of the solution rather then spending as much as we do on countless mailer pieces. We are also using recycled paper and less of it so as to help the environment by using far less paper.

I’ve seen snap packs used a lot for gimmicky ads and false advertising. What does your company do about this?

We discourage false advertising and will not take on a client if we suspect it. Snap Pack Mailers are now regulated by some industries and we encourage that. Our goal is simple to get out simple, economic mailers with great response overall. We have been accomplishing this for our clients and they keep coming back for more. In this economy, we feel that we are doing the very best we can in offering a great alternative to traditional mailers that get 5 times the response. This makes us smile :O)

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO: www.snappackmail.com or call 209-992-1113

How to Optimize your Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mail Campaign

In this article we will discuss how to optimize your snap pack pressure seal mail campaign.

Direct snap pack mailings are a marketing tool used to attract more potential customers to your business by creating an “official” type of appearance to the mailer. While this pressure seal type of advertising campaign may not reach as many people as a television or magazine ad, it will provide a more reasonable alternative for small to medium businesses on a tight budget. Additionally, other advertising mediums have a broader outreach that can lead to overwhelming results that your business may not be ready for just yet. The snap pack mailer is one that drives immediate response yet response can be controlled by mailing out a little bit at a time, tracking response, and then increasing volume as your business grows.
An examination of direct mail basics shows the success brought with the use of snap pack direct mailers. Whether your hire a direct mail company or agency to do the work for you, or plan to do it all yourself, a direct mail marketing campaign will help your business grow because:
1. Production and shipment costs for snap pack direct mailers are much more affordable than many other advertising options. They mailers typically use only a single piece of paper, therefore eliminating the envelope altogether.

2. You can send business snap pack mailers directly to your target market so that nothing goes to waste and you see better results immediately.

3. You can easily measure the successful results of your direct mail advertising.  There are many call tracking numbers available that offer 800 numbers that then trace, track, and even tape record the calls.

Fit your direct mailings campaign to your business budget

While snap pack direct mailings have production and postage costs, and costs for obtaining a mailing list if you go through a service for it, they are significantly cheaper than most other advertising possibilities. Additionally, you can adapt your pressure seal direct mail campaign to fit your business’s budget. This provides the possibility to produce and send out what you can afford at that time, with the freedom to send more as your budget allows.
Try: If your business can afford it, hire a direct mail advertising service  to take care of your entire campaign, including design, production and mailing it out to your profile client or customer.

Personalize your direct mail advertising to reach your target market

Snap Pack Pressure Seal  marketing companies provide target market mailing lists for a feasible fee. They determine who should receive your direct mailers based upon your goals for the advertisement and provide you with a list. Another alternative to direct mail companies is to develop your own mailing list through other means, like the phone book or email marketing. Regardless of how you obtain a mailing list, you should personalize the content of your snap pack mailer as if you are talking to the potential customer directly and explain how your product or service can meet his or her needs.
Try: Perform a consumer search, based upon your target market .You can also target specific recipients for your mailing list through many list providers. DON’T use a list provider that has recycled mail lists. Chances are that they list will provide little if any response. Remember “you get what you pay for” so don’t go cheap on the data list.

Measure the results of your direct mail marketing campaign

One of the great benefits of sending snap pack direct mail is that it is much easier to measure the response from potential customers than it is with most other advertising strategies. You know exactly who you sent information to and can basically check them off your list as they contact your business. You can also send a number of different special offers to various individuals on your list to determine which offer generates the most response so that you can use that offer more frequently in the future.
Try: different offers  on various snap pack mailers as a way to test your direct mailing campaign to find out which process generates the most response. Purchase software,to help organize your direct mail campaign and measure the results.

Methods to Track Direct Mail Response

By Becky Gould, www.snappackmail.com and www.mediaprintsolutions.com

Tracking your advertising is crucial to any direct mail marketing campaign; if you aren’t tracking you are not marketing. Whether you are running a flyer with Valassis,  a snap pack mailer, a insert with the PennySaver; or whatever the piece, it needs to be tracked for effectiveness. Period.

I’m often asked how to track direct mail campaigns such as direct mail with snap packs, traditional envelope mailers, magazine advertisements, newspaper ads, as well as Valassis and PennySaver flyer advertising campaigns.

It’s a great question and one I enjoy helping with, because ultimately it means helping companies save money.

It does not matter whether you are launching a new product or service or you are an established business. Tracking will show you what marketing vehicles are working and which ones are not. This will help you in evaluating your marketing efforts and where you are spending your marketing budget. In the long run by tracking direct mail marketing efforts you can begin to create a more cost effective marketing campaign that will get you the results you desire without wasting money.

Whether you are tracking with URLs or Call Tracking systems, it’s relatively simple and effective…

How to Track Print and Direct Mail Marketing: Snap packs, traditional mailers, or print and deliver inserts with URLS?

When creating print or direct mail marketing pieces you want to track when the prospective customer visits your website to gain more information. The best way to do this is to have designated domains. You can use the designated domains to track visitors using the log files. It’s crucial to have separate landing pages on each domain, however they can look exactly alike, they just must reside on the domain to get accurate tracking results. In other words it would look like this:

Pressure Seal Snap Pack /direct mail Ad 1 – Tracking Domain – http://www.TheYourCompany.com
Traditional letter/envelope/ direct mail Ad 2 – Tracking Domain – http://www.YourCompanyOnline.comDirect Mail Valassis Print and Deliver insert/ Ad 3 – Tracking Domain – http://www.VisitYourCompany.com

As you can see each piece has a unique URL so you will know exactly which campaign is producing results. Using programs like google analytics or other URL analyzing websites is easy and above all, FREE!

I know some of you will ask about branding, so let me go ahead and get that out of the way. Your advertisement should be creating that visual of your brand, and you still use “your company name” as a portion of the URL, but our goal here is really more about tracking than branding.

Tip: You do not have to have separate sites for each domain, just separate landing pages. You can use subpages to direct the visitor to your “main” site.

How accurate is this type of tracking? It’s not 100%, but is the easiest way to track your direct mail advertisements in order to see what is working. For example someone could just see your brand and type in http://www.yourcompany.com and end up on your main site. This would create an error in the tracking the effectiveness of that advertisement. Realize there is some room for error.

How to Track Marketing Efforts Using Call Tracking

The best way to track the effectiveness of your direct mail snap pack or Valassis flyer is measure call volume using call tracking.  There are many call tracking companies to chose from. You can use call tracking to determine your cost-per-sale and cost-per-call rate. This can help in determining which marketing campaigns are most effective. Each direct mail campaign or PennySaver USA/ Valassis flyer must have a designated telephone number. You can use this information to see what advertisements are working and which are not. Call Tracking can be used on radio commercials, television commercials, direct mail and print advertisements.

There are many companies that provide call tracking solutions. We recommend the best seller book by Timothy Ferris, 4 Hour Work Week as a great source to find call tracking companies plus information on how to set up a call center. Let’s face it, “you are only as good as the person answering the phone!”  It’s important that you receive a report showing incoming calls in an itemized report that shows what number was called and what time that number was called as well as what region that call came from if you are doing national marketing. Some call tracking companies also offer to record the phone calls. This way you can screen your telemarketing team to see how they are doing with processing sales. It is a wonderful training tool!

Tracking and monitoring your marketing efforts and advertisements will help you in allocating your marketing budget in marketing campaigns that you know will work. There is nothing more devastating to a company than to spend money on an advertisement that produces no or little results. Tracking your direct mail marketing efforts can give you the knowledge that you need to have when it comes to knowing what worked and what didn’t.  Whether it be a snap pack, direct mailer, Valassis, or PennySaver campaign getting accurate results is measurement of what marketing efforts were effective. You no longer have to depend on inaccurate guesswork to determine where you spend your marketing budget. Take control, and let the data direct you!

Do snap pack pressure seal mailers really work?

Pressure Seal, Snap Mailers with Perforated Tear off Edges – They REALLY WORK!

In this article we will discuss snap packs with perforated tear off edges to see if they really work.


The results are in…We welcome the  latest and greatest direct mail winner, the Snap Mailer! If you are looking for a mailer that works, is not overdone, and has a great history of getting opened, the snap mailer is hands down an option for you. Mailing a Snap Pack has proven to be one of the most effective direct mail  strategies on the market today!  It is the best direct mail piece to hit the mail marketing scene in a long time. The Snap Mailer pressure seal mailers is cost effective and response generating, a combination that is hard to find. The Snap Pack Mail piece can be designed for all budgets. They are extremely effective in black and white. Or snaps done in color,also stand out in the mailbox and demand the attention of the reader.

The pressure sealed, snap pack mailer forms are pre-printed and then sealed with special glue. The snap pack pressure seal mailer is sealed when extreme pressure is applied. Prior to the pressure sealing process, the forms are laser printed with all of the address information and marketing information to be used by the individual company sending it out. This process is called “variable data”.  Snap Packs come in all shapes and forms.  All in all, snap pack mailers are affordable, though, because they use a single piece of paper folded and snapped into one. Unlike traditional mailer and envelope, you can understand why this single fold Snap Mailer is likely to be a winner!

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A Little Secret to Increase Mail Delivery Time with Little Extra Cost

Are you familiar with USPS Priority Mail Open and Distribute or PMOD??? For some  mailers, Priority Mail Drop Shipping is a well kept secret that they are not  aware of, and as a result they are missing out on some great opportunities to  improve delivery and reduce costs.

For those of you not familiar with this service, it is technically termed  Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) by the United States Postal Service (R)  (USPS). It is a method of drop shipping mail to additional postal entry points  using Priority Mail as the shipping method rather than more traditional methods  such as truckload, less-than-load (LTL) or air freight. The same service is  available using Express Mail Open and Distribute (EMOD), although it is more  expensive due to the quicker delivery time (next day service).

Regardless of which level of service is used, Open and Distribute is a pretty  smart way to drop ship to entry points with smaller volumes of mail which make  the more traditional shipping methods cost prohibitive. It works by entering the  mailpieces at their normal postage prices (e.g. Periodicals, Standard, etc.) and  then placing those trays or sacks of mail into Priority Mail sacks for delivery  to the postal entry point.

By using special sack tags, these Priority Mail sacks are identified to the  USPS as containing drop shipped mail, which the USPS then opens and distributes  the sacks inside as they would normally be routed. The Priority Mail postage is  paid on the weight of the mail inside the PM sack (and tare weight of the  sacks/trays inside the PM sack), and essentially replaces the shipping charges  that would have been charged by freight carriers if the more traditional  shipping methods had been used.

Automate PMOD

In the past, this process was very tedious because this mail had to be  manually separated, manually tagged with the PMOD tags, and postage statements  were manually generated. Now, however, there are software solutions that allow  these functions to be automated to the point that it is much more time and cost  effective to use PMOD.

How can mailers take advantage of PMOD? There are three major benefits to  using PMOD:

1) If you are experiencing delivery delays to remote or distant locations  (e.g. Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico), or any location for that matter, PMOD  can be a great way to shorten the delivery time. Priority Mail has delivery  standards of 2-3 days, so the mail gets entered into the postal entry points  much more quickly than if the mail was locally entered at the printing plant or  letter shop.

2) You can take advantage of drop ship discounts even for entry points with  low mailing densities, such as Butte, MT or Fargo, ND.

3) You can mail at the less expensive Standard rates, but get very close to  First-Class delivery standards if you use PMOD to drop ship to additional entry  points.

Your mailings can be easily analyzed to determine whether PMOD will be  beneficial for you to use. Using a Mail.dat file, you can process this file  through post-presort Mail.dat management software in a “quick plan” mode. This  will allow you to see all the possible drop ship entry points for which your  mailing would qualify. You can then go a step further by applying freight  charges to the entry points with significant mail volumes. Any entry points with  small volumes can then be exported into PMOD software to determine the estimated  cost of PMOD shipping.

If you do not have post-presort mail.dat management software, you can ask  your printer/mailer to perform these analyses for you, or you can contact a  provider of this type of software to request a demo or trial of the software. If  you have been hesitant to use PMOD in the past due to implementation concerns,  or if you are completely new to PMOD, you owe it to yourself and your company to  check out the possibilities of this great USPS program.

For some mailers, Priority Mail Drop Shipping is a well kept secret that they  are not aware of, and as a result they are missing out on some great  opportunities to improve delivery and reduce costs.

Contact Becky Gould at becky@snappackmail.com for more information

New JUMBO Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailers- HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Super Large Pressure Seal Mailers that will BLOW YOU AWAY, Plus Discounted postage and Wholesale Production Pricing!

Are you ready for this? These new GIGANTIC Snap Pac pressure seal mailers will stop people dead in their tracks! Talk about an “attention grabber”! It just doesn’t get any better. Who says, “size doesn’t matter”???
This new Snap Pack is just like a blown up version of the standard 8 ½ x 11”. The oversized snap pack @ .35 cents each is actually 11” x 17” folded in half down to 8.5” x 11”. The jumbo snap pack is official looking and is personalized with variable data mail merge throughout. This pressure seal piece travels as saturation mail due the change in the postal requirements that allow for up to 15” pieces. It is extremely large and OFFICIAL looking. It has perforations on the side for easy tear off. Why not take advantage of a “BIG THING”. These snap packs are bound to be seen in the mail before ANYTHING ELSE. In fact, they might just scare you into opening them by size alone.
Saturation mail can be very large in size now – up to 12” x 15.No consumer has ever received any piece like this, and whoever mails it is going to do really well!!! These snap pack pressure seal envelopes will just stand out like a hot potato!
To get a better understanding of saturation mail, this is being run under the Every Door Direct Mail program. No mailing list is required (another savings), and we can target your campaign by house values and income levels. We can even eliminate apartments, and businesses. Honestly, this is the best program I have ever seen in mail. There is nothing like it.
Any company that serves a defined geographic area can and should use this type of snap pac pressure seal mailer and this type of inexpensive delivery. A year ago I would have told you to spend your money on Google. Today there is absolutely no question – send out a huge SNAP PACK mailer and grab more attention than you ever dreamed possible.
For more information on the Jumbo Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailer contact Becky G at becky@snappackmail.com

Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailers- the Perfect Alternative to Folded Self Mailer

In this article we will discuss what a snap pack pressure seal mailer is and how that now meets the new USPS guidelines for self mailers.

Recently, revised mailing standards applicable to Folded Self Mailers (FSM) were presented in a Federal Notice of Final Rules by the Postal Service. These revised standards will become effective on January 5, 2013. Most Folded Self Mailers will need to comply and the perfect alternative to this is to use a “SNAP PACK MAILER” instead. These are pressure seal mailers that meet the new strict requirements of the USPS. The perfect alternative to a letter mailer or brochure.

The initial proposal which was first presented on April of 2011 was intended to improve the design of FSMs for compatibility with the automation process. The final revisions came as a result of a 2 year collaboration between the Postal Service and the mailing industry. A wide variety of letter-sized mailers were tested for automation compatibility and the Postal Service received 51 comments from various mailers. These comments were considered and became influential in modifying the original proposal.

Mailers’ comments range from a total abandonment of the proposed changes due to the economy, the lack of available equipment to handle the changes and the cost already incurred for previously designed and produced mail piece to concerns about the type of tabs used to seal FSMs, the thickness, the number of panels, the weight of the paper, and the size, to name a few.

The following are some important rules that will soon be applied to letter sized automated FSMs
Perforated seals will no longer be allowed to seal FSMs (Snap pack mailers are Ok because of pressure seal)
Quarter fold self-mailers must be sealed with tabs and not glue
The final fold must be on the bottom

For oblong Self Mailers, the final fold must be the leading edge

At least 2 tabs are required to seal letter-sized FSMs

There is also new language that pertains to design elements of the FSM such as attachments, loose enclosures, perforations and die-cuts. The safest alternative will be to pressure seal the mailer using a snap pack design.

The Postal Service is recommending that mailers begin to take necessary steps to make the transition, although they are not expected to comply until the announced date. Failure to meet the new requirements could result to higher postal charges. Here is a link to the United States Postal Service publication regarding the new self mailer rules.

We can assist in making certain that these new requirements are met when designing your FSM. The best alternative mail piece is the snap mailer. The snap mailer can be a letter-sized mailer just like a self-mailer but has 2-3 sealed and perforated sides. The snap mailer is opened by tearing or snapping off the perforated sides, hence the name and eliminating the use of any sealer or glue that could interfere with the Postal Service’s automation machines. Postage will remain the same on snap pack, pressure seal mailers.

We can also provide a variety of self mailers that can be customized to meet your individual direct marketing needs. if you have any questions regarding these new regulations or you would like us to double check your mail piece design before you go to press feel free to give us a call at 209-992-1113. One of our direct mail design consultants will be happy to check over your mail piece to ensure it complies with the latest United States Postal Service regulations.